Topcar project in Zug, Switzerland

Project Description
Topcar in 6300 Zug, Switzerland
The company Topcar in Zug, Switzerland has illuminated their motor show with our LED lamps. Besides the electricity savings on electricity charges (breakdown below), the cars are also presented colorfast and clear. Topcar is very happy with the result.

Project Initial Situation
Exhibit area 1x 45 x 30 Meters =1350m2 and 1 x 20 x 70 Meters =1400 m2
These Areas should originally have been illuminated by a total of 13 masts with high pressure sodium lamps 150 Watt, and with 12 flood lights 150 Watt high pressure sodium lamps installed on the canopy of the building.
Power Total 3750 Watt

Accomplished Project:
We have accomplished the project after reviewing it as shown below:
10 masts with street lamp Type ML028-100W (2 x 50 Watt LED, 4200K, 1000 Watt)
2 masts with street lamp Type ML019-100W(2 x 50 Watt LED, 4200 K, 200 Watt)
8 spot lights installed on the canopy Type MT 80 Watt (640 Watt)

New Total Power 1840 Watt

Projekt Österreich

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