About Us

Swisssiam Trading Services
Swiss Siam Trading Co. was established 9 years ago. It is a Swiss Company, but is based in Thailand.

We are a Trading company which buys its products mainly in China, Vietnam and Thailand. But mostly, we purchase goods from China, and we have employees in China who are looking for new producers, and who check the goods before they are shipped to the customers. These inspections are one of our strengths;
few trading companies are offering this service. But goods produced in other countries are also inspected by us before shipment. All producers must adhere to international quality standards and environmental protection.

SwissSiam Trading offers its own catalogue with hundreds of products. Since we are represented in China, we can search for new goods quickly.

One of our specialities are LED Lamps (Street lamps, Spot lamps,Bulbs and Down Lights) and LED tubes. We have specialized in these LED
lamps in the last years, and we think that we have one of the best product ranges available.

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